Spare Parts: Four Undocumented Teenagers, One Ugly Robot, and the Battle for the American Dream

by Published in 2014, Spare Parts is a classic underdog story about four Mexican American teenagers from Phoenix who form a robotics team with the encouragement of their teachers. Their ugly robot wins a national robotics competition, taking down reigning champion MIT. While telling this inspiring story, Spare Parts also highlights the disparities in opportunities and life outcomes for undocumented immigrants. 

Every incoming first-time freshman will receive a copy of Spare Parts 一道本不卡免费高清when they come to campus for summer orientation. Students are asked to read the book before returning to campus in the fall, when they will discuss the book with SJSU faculty, staff, and other students. Related programming will help the entire campus community better understand the importance of STEM education, the obstacles many students face in pursuing their dreams, and the actions each of us can take to promote equity and access for all. 




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Oscar Vazquez

Professor Shaun Fletcher (left) interviews Oscar Vazquez. 

Photo Credit: Jesus Tellitud, Spartan Daily Photo Editor


Julio Navarrete 

Julio Navarrete, SJSU Alum, Educator, and Activist, speaking at San Jose State

Photo Credit: Jesus Tellitud, Spartan Daily Photo Editor