What We Do

SJSU Cares assists students who are facing an unforeseen economic crisis by providing direct support and referrals around basic needs including food, housing, emergency assistance and more. 

We want to ensure that you reach your academic goals towards graduation. Our programs include self-help assistance/information, case management resources, the Spartan Food Pantry and more.

一道本不卡免费高清Matriculating students who have experienced an unforeseen economic crisis should reach out to find out how we could assist.

While case managers provide the direct support and outreach to students, a multidisciplinary team, including housing, financial aid, counseling, VPSA and more, serve on SJSU’s Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT) steering committee. 

How to Request Assistance

To request assistance from us, fill out and submit a . Once you submit a request for assistance, we will contact you within one business day.

Resources and Services

SJSU offers a number of resources and services on campus to help you deal with situations and issues outside of the classroom that may take away from your academic success. Some of those services include mentoring, counseling, health and wellness, and public safety assistance. We also offer a coordinated response to students matriculated in regular sessions programs who are experiencing an unforeseen economic crisis which is impacting their ability to be a successful student.

SJSU Cares can meet one to one with students who are experiencing an unforseen economic crisis to determine which resources/support can be offered. For other students it might be helpful to know of our major programs such as Spartan Food Pantry, CalFresh sign-up assistance, and the Swipe Out Hunger一道本不卡免费高清 meal donation program.